A great new puzzle game for all ages!

The TeraGrid isn't functioning and has sprung leaks everywhere. Your job is to rearrange the pieces into a continuous network, without leaks. The bigger the closed grid you create the higher the points you will get.

To create your grid, you are given a set of tiles which you need to link in order to create a closed network. You can rearrange the tiles as many times as you need. No one solution is correct and the aim is to include as many tiles as possible.

This version of the game includes 4 modes to play - 3 of which help you practice ready for the live Faulty Tiles game that maintains high scores across all active players using ScoreLoop.

Challenge 1: Fast Net

A small grid to get you into the swing of things

Challenge 2: Grids Go Large

A bigger grid, with more combinations!

Challenge 3: Mind the Gaps

Gaps are present which limit the choices you have. Can you still make a fully enclosed network and use all the tiles?

Faulty Tiles with Scoreloop scoreboard

Compete against others to see if you can get the highest score on the scoreboard.
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