Become part of the Meteondor honey production in this arcade style game.

The bears of Meteondor are the main honey producers in the land. They also like honey. They really, really, like honey. So much so, that supplies are running low. If Meteondor is to avoid a honey drought then this situation must be resolved!

Dr Cleverbear of the Meteondor Academia University (who incidentally also owns the Bears and Bees shop) has been working hard to come up with a solution and finally, after many attempts, has designed the Incredible Bee Squeezer. Now all that is needed is to encourage the bees to use it!

This is where you come in. You can become part of the Meteondor honey production and win golden drops by guiding Bertram Bear. Tilt the device so that Bertram can chase the bees and angle his board to ensure any bees that hit it are stunned and enter the bee squeezer funnel.

To win a golden drop, each level requires you to collect the right amount of pollen - which the bee squeezer turns into lovely honey for the bears. You will encounter lots of issues on the way that aim to stop you from succeeding but you will also find help from supporters such as Freddie Frog. How they help is for you to discover! And remember, Meteondor has both yellow and red bees which do not mix very well!

Happy Bee Squeezing!

Note: no bees will be harmed in the process.

Freddie the fly eating frog
Dr Cleverbear - The inventor of the Bee Squeezer.
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